Business I.T. Specialist (BITS)

GO HIGHER With Business IT!

High School 2 High Tech provides the foundation you need to get started in the IT industry!

Become a Business IT Specialist in just 16 short weeks and be ready for career opportunities such as:

  • Computer User Support Specialist
  • Help Desk Analyst
  • Networking IT Specialist
  • Business IT Consultant
  • … and many more positions requiring high-skilled technology experts.

The Business IT Specialist utilizes concepts, tools, and procedures to maintain systems, technology workflows, and manage the technology needed for daily (and extraordinary) business operations.

Our courses include labs and exercises where you will experience real-life scenarios to develop your inner tech hero.

Business IT Specialist (BITS) Program - High School 2 High Tech

The Program in a Nutshell

Build on your IT prowess

Receive top of the line instruction by recognized certified coaches that help you lay out a concise plan during your time in the program.

Get rewarded with the most sought-after certifications!

Most of the times one thinks of seeking for a career, but what if your skills were sought after by small, medium, and big companies alike? We all need an IT person in every organization!

Get recognized not only by your peers, but the industry as a whole

Landing your dream IT job for the big tech companies seems too far-fetched, right? The BITS program has been specifically tailored to aid every apprentice on landing the gig that they need; because we know that not everything is just lecture when it comes to gaining financial stability!

Business IT Specialist Certifications

GO HIGHER with our training!​

Master business skills that can be utilized in and out of the workforce to excel in your career as well as hard skills such as computer networking, personal productivity, and troubleshooting, among other really cool and helpful skills. This all leads to two of the most in-demand IT certifications: Microsoft and CompTIA’s Network+.

Think of getting into the workforce as a video game, you can start with the basic computer skills that you learned in high school, but you would be at a disadvantage with some of your colleagues who have gone through rigorous training to be where they are right now. So, what can you do to beat that level, you ask?

Well, you can gather up all the materials, and skills while leveling up on your knowledge so that when something goes awry you’d be more than better prepared for the quest.

With this as your foundation, you get an advantage in today’s IT-driven world for ongoing career success; and FYI we can provide your training with a couple of cheat codes named certifications for the final battle and a power-up called Career Services so you can beat them all!

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IT remains a top priority for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and businesses of all sizes across all industries around the world. All conspire to make IT experts a sought-after profession.

In a nutshell, IT is needed across all industries and plays a big (and often the most important) role in companies worldwide! so, it is our utmost interest to prepare students for the career of their dreams with the necessary tools and materials. GO HIGHER with a great career today!

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Business I.T. Specialist (BITS)