What Career Programs Are Offered?

We currently offer three career pathways:

How Long are the Programs?

You are done with each program in just 12-16 weeks!

How Are The Training Courses Delivered?

HIGH SCHOOL 2 HIGH TECH instructor-led training is delivered in-person at our New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.

A. Students benefit from an Industry Certified Professional Instructor delivering course material using our “On-Line Live” classrooms. Students are encouraged to attend in the local NH Center where they will have a computer with dual monitors and technical support if needed. Cohort Programs can be taken remotely if necessary and students will be supplied with their own unique login to the Connected Classroom platform.

B. Each course includes materials, labs, and other exercises that build upon each other throughout the duration of a program. Therefore, it is imperative that students attend all classes and lab sessions for which they are enrolled.

C. Students will be able to interact with each other and the instructor by both speaking and chat functions. Each session is recorded, allowing the student to log in from home and review the material for 6 months after completion. E-books are provided and the instructor may provide additional study resources to the student.

Do I Have to Take a Test Before Enrolling?

DUH! But just a teeny one! To assist with student placement, HIGH SCHOOL 2 HIGH TECH utilizes one of the most respected cognitive tests in the world – the Wonderlic SLE. With its help, we are able to position students on the correct path for their unique skills and interests (don’t worry, you can also always retake the exam to get into the program you want — your counselors will help you properly prepare and pass).

Do You Offer Funding Options?

YES!!!  As a HIGH SCHOOL 2 HIGH TECH student, there are a number of tuition funding sources available, some of which you must qualify and apply for. Your career counselor will help you identify the funding sources available to you and the ones to best help you get started in your program of choice. Sources include:

  • (WIOA) Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Grant
  • (VR&E) Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • Private Loans
  • and more…

Which Program is Best for Me?

Everyone is different. With the help of your career counselor, you will reflect on your experience, interests, and aspirations to develop exciting job goals and a plan of attack. We are here every step of the way to support and guide in your in your journey. GO HIGHER!

Will I Be Guaranteed a Job After Completing a Program?

Short answer, no – By law we cannot guarantee you’ll get a job; however, HIGH SCHOOL 2 HIGH TECH has you covered with a variety of career services designed to help you get a great job at a great company.

We understand that your ultimate goal is to land a fulfilling career you can be proud of. We are experts at helping you develop those marketable skills you need to land that great new job!


*Did you know   86% of our graduates say they would refer a friend to our programs?     WHOA!

*TechValidate (2016)

Got more questions? We’ve got the answers.