What does an I.T. career look like?

What does an IT career look like?

Getting In

So how does a typical IT career usually go? And how can you go from zero to 100?

Of course, you can start easy…

You acquire skills, you practice, you get some accolades to your name – projects and certifications — now you’re ready for the world.

You go out there (savvy from reading articles like this…), knowing to look for entry-level jobs hiding under fancy titles — Information Systems Analyst, anyone?

Will you marry me?

What now? Are you thrust into the deep end?

The good news is NO.

Most entry-level positions will require you to know how the systems run, so you can maintain them and troubleshoot.

You’ll be able to run routine updates and fix common issues with a flick of a button.

You’ll be able to find solutions to more complex problems.

You’ll learn to ask great questions and have enlightening conversations with experienced colleagues.

Every day you’ll level up.

Then you go from supporting the tech to putting it together.

You get fancier titles like SysAdmin and Network Administrator.

You start designing the thing (technical term!), and can become a Network Engineer or an Architect.


You could learn to code & automate functions and now you’re a Developer (is this sounding like an RPG game?).

Then you can level up to Information Systems Director, Chief Technology Officer, yada yada, six figures yada yada (you prob already had six figures before this in many cases), but the point is…

Putting It All Together

First, you’ll start working on the tech, then you’ll start building it, then modifying and designing it. But whatever you do, you’ll need to learn the fundamentals and figure out where to go to for the info you don’t got.

Speaking of which, if you want more info about careers in the I.T. field and you want to talk about you, I got two things for you.

Two Things For You…

First, I put together a video playlist talking about everything you need to know when considering a career in IT — What skills do I need to learn? What certifications do I need? What jobs pay the most money? This you will get in your inbox right away.

You will also get a free career consultation where we’ll talk about your interests, goals, and opportunities within IT and elsewhere. You will walk away clearer about your next step than you were before.

Whether IT has been a lifelong dream of yours or you just need a logical next step in your growth, there are options for you to design a good and rewarding lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy the playlist, and we’ll talk to you shortly!

After awhile crocodile!


What does an I.T. career look like?