Would I.T. be a good career for me?

Would I.T. be a good career for me?

Know Thyself

People will talk all day about what makes a winning life and how can they choose this over that, but what it all comes down to is knowing yourself.

How can you create a life that builds on your strengths and sets you up for success?

For me, it was realizing that I couldn’t get any good work done with bad music playing. Little upgrades really add up…

The following will give you a good idea of what I.T. people do, so you can see if it sounds like something you might want to get into. You can also schedule a consultation with a career consultant who can answer all your specific questions (they’re free). You’ll get greatguidance and advice on potential career paths in tech (and elsewhere) that would be good for you.

Now let’s talk about IT.

What is I.T.?

I.T. (oftentimes just IT) stands for Information Technology and consists of all the personnel involved in building and maintaining computers and their networks.

What do I.T. people do?

I.T. pros know computers inside out and can tie a bunch of them together to do some really cool things.

I.T. pros are the reason the screens at the airport can tell you flight status in real time.

They’re why the cash registers at Zumiez can talk to each other AND transmit transaction information back to headquarters.

They manage all the permissions and allow you or BAN you from using certain programs, accessing assets, and generally can make the difference between you having a great day or a you-know-what day at work.

Want to know what a typical I.T. career looks like? Read about it here.

Which brings me to my second point…

Do you like helping people?

Sounds silly… but is that something that you enjoy?

I.T. careers pay great, but what many professionals say they like most about the field is that they get to hear Thank-Yous multiple times a day from multiple people. That fuels them much more than just the (albeit very good) paycheck.

This doesn’t mean you’ll have to be techiest person in the room.

It means you’ll learn to say “don’t worry, I’m on it” and use your skills to research and figure it out.

Every professional, no matter what level, still goes to Google for answers and everyone has their go-to mentors and colleagues who’ve been there done that. You may think I.T. is about computers, but really, it’s just as much about constantly learning and building great relationships with people.

What you will grow to realize as you navigate your career is that you won’t be paid to know the actual stuff (well, some stuff…), but to know the know the language and be the one who can get us to a solution.

Robi - Rock Your Career

You think Janice in accounting can figure out why her entire database stopped talking to the corporate cloud infrastructure? No!

Ok, now that you get the gist, continue on to a free career consultation. When you sign up, you will receive a video playlist called [Intro to I.T. Careers] that will answer your top questions about getting into the field.

Get clear on your next steps.

Would I.T. be a good career for me?

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